Sunday, April 05, 2020

Some reviews from our customers

Name:     Rosie
Nationality:     Australian
Period of stay:     1 month
Email: rosie_trumpers@
Booking:     Via email
Suggestions & Comments:     Our group had a wonderful stay at Nyakato apartments during our placement at Bugando Medical Centre. The staff was friendly and very helpful. I cannot recommend Nyakato apartments highly enough!

Name:      Accie
Nationality:     Australian
Period of stay:     1 month
Booking:     via Email
Suggestions & Comments:     Great little apartments for short stays! The hosts were very hey helpful with any problems we had. They took pleasure teaching us Kiswahili and even offered to cook us dinner! Apartments are good for students and affordable accommodation. Would definitely come back to visit. Mwanza is a lovely town.

Name:     Marisi
Nationality:     Tanzanian
Period of stay:     6 days
Email:     ceaser@
Booking:     Seen advert @ Pizzeria Mwanza and made a phone call
Suggestions & Comments:     We enjoyed the stay at Nyakato apartment. NB:     Standby power generator required!

Name:     Sandra and Jennie
Period of stay:
Email:     Sandravieweg@
Booking:     Online
Suggestions & Comments:     Very nice service, good prices and good food! It would be nice to have some smaller lamps in the apartment for a relaxed ambiance at night! Otherwise everything is good!  Thanks for your hospitality.

Name:     Edwin
Nationality:      Tanzanian
Period of stay:     2 months
Email:     edwin_@
Booking:     Through Internet, mobile phone and visiting
Suggestions & Comments:
- We appreciate your good customer care; All possible persons are caring and responsible.
- The apartments are located at an easily accessible site
- It is a cool and a peaceful place
- An area of improvement is on the bed nets; I suggest they get changed.