Nyakato Private Apartments
We offer self-catering apartments.

On this page we are going to post helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We believe that this service will help you to make your decision. Karibu - Welcome! 

NB: Long-term place to stay for resident tenants non-tourists only!

  • Are your apartments far away from the city centre?pictures nyakato apartments outside
    Our apartments are situated in Nyakato (Mwananchi area), about 5km from the city centre.
  • What do you mean by Self Catering Apartments?
    We do provide lodging and cooking facilities but not meals. So, guests are expected to take care of their own meal and laundry needs. Most of our guests prefer self-catering accommodation due to the freedom of doing what they want to do with self catering, whether it be utilise the facilities to prepare their own meals and eat in or to explore Mwanza and its many restaurants.
    It is also important to note that a Self Catering Apartment is a cheaper, more flexible alternative to a hotel. You can eat "at home", saving on restaurant bills, and come and go as you please.
  • How much will be the charge per month?
    It depends on the duration of your stay and slightly on the number of people in an apartment.
    Just as an example you want to stay in our apartments for one month:
    • A: It will cost you from about 560,000 TZS per month, i.e. less than 10 USD per day
    • B: But if you stay for 2 months or more AND YOU PAY IN ADVANCE it would cost you about 470,000 TZS i.e. about about 7.5 USD  per day
  • Is there a telephone connection?
    Yes, there is a telephone line in each apartment, but in Tanzania people prefer mobile phones. 
  • Is there room to park a car there and is it secure?
    You can park your car in our fenced compound. We also have a watchman in the night, so the security guaranteed.
  • Do you have a washing machine?   
    Yes, we do have. You may use it for washing your clothes at 2 USD per each load of washing machine. Hand wash 500 TZS(about 20 US Cents) per piece)
  • Are there TV's in the apartment?
    Yes, all apartments have TV sets, which are connected to a Satellite Service Provider.
  • Is there a wireless Internet in the room?
    We don't have. But, if you stay in the our apartment for a longer period, we can arrange for you to get a full Internet connection for your room. There is also a good Internet cafe in the nearby where other guests from oversees prefer to go. It does not cost much and the speed is good even for making VOIP calls.

    Otherwise, we advise our guests to use mobile broadband services such as Airtel, TiGo or Vodacom Internet bundles (http://africa.airtel.com/tanzania/ or http://www.vodacom.co.tz/), where the usage is charged about 40 TZS per MB. They offer broadband connectivity and Internet access services using various technologies such as, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSDPA etc.
  • Can one catch a taxi close by?
    Yes, the taxi stand is just about 150m from our apartments. We also have telephone numbers of good and reliable taxi drivers who you can always call to take you to town or back home
  • How much would it cost to have a meal cooked?
    Well, we can organise a lady to cook for you delicious traditional meals. It would cost you about 2 USD for a Swahili breakfast (Black tee, spiced tee or coffee) or 4 USD for a Tanzanian traditional meal (Ugali, rice, banana, potatoes, manioc). You will have to fix this with the lady.